Materials please!

ReMediate requires the following materials:

A kiddie pool to be filled with paper pulp. It must be over 3X3 feet; square shaped with a lid would be ideal.

Paper to pulp and use in the quilt. Shredded or not. can shred in presence of person donating if they wish to ensure confidentiality. Loose leaf 8.5x11 printer paper- white or colours, separated if possible. No cardboard or newspaper please. Construction and coloured tissue paper okay too.

Cotton or wool embroidery thread. Any colour. No polyester please (doesn't biodegrade as quickly).

Curved quilting or tapestry needles.

1/2 inch plywood to make drying racks for the paper quilt squares. Offcuts at least 36 inches long will work.

One last request:
Indoor space for paper making in adverse weather conditions. An unused corner of a basement or garage in Eden Mills / Guelph would be wonderful.

Please contact me if you are able to donate any of these. Thanks for supporting ReMediate!