The Strategy of the Majority

Installation with poetry by Madhur Anand
Guelph, 2016-2017

The Strategy of the Majority takes its inspiration from Madhur Anand's poem of the same name from her collection A New Index for Predicting Catastrophes (McClelland & Stewart 2015). It is a found poem created from a scientific study she co-authored about interactions between forest pest invasions and human decisions regarding firewood transport. Mirroring Madhur's process, The Strategy of the Majority fragments and reassembles the conceptual energies of the poem visually and through the literal cutting and re-stitching of the original scientific text. What results is a sort of double translation that experiments with a space between science, art and language.

The Strategy of the Majority is part of the Open Field Collective's Street Projects - a project intended to bring contemporary art into outdoor spaces where art and community can interact on the streets of residential neighborhoods.

The artist acknowledges the support of the Ontario Arts Council in creating this work.

Photos:  Christina Kingsbury