Keeping Time: sunrise, sunset

Photographs, maps, quilting and embroidery
24"x 30"
Guelph, 2010

Stacked in my grandmother's apartment there were boxes and boxes of sunset and sunrise photographs- my grandfather's legacy. Hundreds of photos of the sun setting over Lake Huron at the family cottage in Grand Bend, and rising over the Toronto cityscape. In each of the places he made his home, he practiced the turning of the days with this ritual.

 In 'Keeping Time' I pieced together quilt squares made from scraps of my grandfather's photos, tourist maps from Canada and abroad, and birch bark. For several months, this piecing became my own nightly ritual both in remembrance of my grandfather and in pondering the passing of time in place.

Photos: Christina Kingsbury

Exhibition history

Christina Kingsbury. JMR Gallery, Bayfield, 2010.
22, JMR Gallery, Bayfield, 2010.