Record Snow Fall

Installation and durational performance
Guelph and Rockwood 2017

For the past eight years I have been saving my receipts and bills.  During the same time period I have watched one winter after another of increasingly unusual and extreme weather. In response, I am sewing this archive of my consumerism into a quilt of individually embroidered snowflakes. This gesture riffs off the idea (myth) that are no two snowflakes alike - paying homage to the rich history of variation and improvisation in women's hand work and also in contrast the mass production of most of the things I have purchased. My slow and futile labour of embellishment is also a meditation on climate and consumption.  

I performed Record Snow Fall in several storefronts, a gallery window and in an old farm house as part of the multidisciplinary art happening The Lore of the Land.

The creation of this work is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

Photos:  Christina Kingsbury, Shannon Kingsbury and Janet Morton